These are the three tips you should do if you want to go to Selong Belanak

Lombok has become one of the tourist attractions that are visited by many foreign tourists. The number of people who come to Lombok is what makes it one of the strategic places for property investment. Even the existence of a this site will be very important because Selong Belanak is one of the areas filled with tourists.

Many people come there for vacation. However, for those of you who will come there, there are some tips that you can do so that your trip feels comfortable. Some of the tips in question are

1. Pay attention to the right time to visit
If the time allows, you can come to this beach when the afternoon arrives. The atmosphere will feel more beautiful because it’s not too hot and hot. Travel time to the beach is about 1 hour from Mataram.

2. Use a motorbike
One of the best ways to be able to enjoy Lombok Island is by using motorized vehicles. In addition to the fairly cheap rent, the motorbike is more flexible than using a car. Because the road conditions are up and down, so it is very easy to reach using a motorbike.

3. Hire a surfboard
Well, for those of you who have a surfing hobby or want to learn to surf then there’s nothing wrong with carrying or renting a surfboard on the beach because Selong Belanak Beach is very suitable for those of you who want to learn surfing. Many tourists use this beach as a location for surfing. The rental price for surfboards is around Rp 50 thousand and you can use it as much as you like.

By paying attention to these three tips, you can enjoy the beautiful Selong Belanak Beach but still be comfortable and get there on time. The beauty of Selong Belanak makes it a strategic location for property investment.

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