Places that should not be used to store house keys

Every time you leave home, you have to make sure the doors and windows are locked to make sure bad things don’t happen. But there were some people who also hid their house keys in several places around the door of the house. They assume that hiding the house key will make it easier for other family members who want to enter the house. But what if this hidden house key was found by someone else and used for bad interests? To avoid these adverse events, according to Locksmith Dublin, you should avoid the following 3 places as a place to store your house’s spare keys. The reason is, of course, this is the first place that comes to mind when you want to hide your house key. Thieves will of course also look for keys in the area before carrying out the action.

If you have a flower pot placed near the door, don’t make it a place to store the spare key. Don’t also think that having lots of flower pots will deter thieves. The thieves will not hesitate to lift the pot and look for the key there. Not just above the door, but above the porch lights or anywhere near the front door. Also includes a mailbox if there is a mailbox in your house. In fact, the spare key should not be hidden near the door of the house. The window of the door of the house is one of the next favorite places to store the keys to the house, located right above the door of the house.

The next place is the table legs or patio chairs. It is common that houses have a front porch, on the front porch there are usually tables and chairs to just sit around and chat with family or human. Table legs or chairs are usually used also to store house keys.

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