Know the Types of Water Heaters

Bathing using warm water does provide its own pleasure. Especially if winter comes, or you go home late at night after work. Warm water seems to be a refresher for the body to get excited again. Therefore, the trend of home water heater installations is beginning to spread. Maybe you are one of them, who wants a water heater in the bathroom inside your house.

Before making a decision to shop for a water heater, it’s good to know the types of water heaters, as a reference for you so that later you can choose the most appropriate heater, both in terms of economy and function. If you need a gas refill for your water heater, you can visit propane tank exchange.

Basically, all heaters have the same function, which is heating water. The main thing that distinguishes between various types of water heater is the energy source of heat that is used to heat (increase the temperature) of water. In today’s modern era with technology that has developed rapidly, water heaters are increasingly practical in their use and the price is getting cheaper and cheaper. There are various kinds of heating devices that we can meet, including:

– Solar Water Heater

Solar Water Heater is a water heater that relies on solar solar energy, known as solar panels because it produces hot water. This type of water heater is always equipped with a very large tank because the sun’s heating energy cannot be obtained for 24 hours. The large tank is used to hold enough hot water to be consumed for so many people in one house.

– Portable Water Heater

Actually, the main electrical components in an electric water heater are expensive (with a variety of prices) the same, the shape is a heating element. It’s just that after packaging in such a way, added a water-resistant storage tank with various levels of quality, and added temperature sensors and automatic switches, the price is expensive. How to use it is also quite easy. Prepare a bucket of water, dip the water heater and plug it into electricity. Check whether the heat of the water is sufficient, if you have, pull out the power outlet and start showering. Also, note that this water heater is also available from “energy efficient” 350 Watts to 2,000 Watts.

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