How to Know that You are Sucess in Your Keto Diet

To achieve the ideal body weight, various ways are done. One of them is by undergoing the Keto diet by involving keto cookbooks. However, before starting this one diet, you should first learn about the keto diet. With enough information about the keto diet, you will be able to understand and take into account whether this diet is in accordance with your body condition and physical abilities. The keto cookbooks must be important for those who want to run keto diet.

What is the Keto Diet?
The keto diet is a diet that is carried out by applying a diet low in carbohydrates and high in fat. If the consumption of normal fat is around 20-30 percent, the ketogenic diet recommends fat intake of 60-70 percent. Some who support this method say the ketogenic diet can lose weight in a short time and provide more energy. On the other hand, those who disagree say that this method is an unhealthy way to lose weight. Below are the signs that your keto diet is success.

1. Bad breath
If you go on this diet, you will know how bad this diet is to change your breath. Indeed, a diet helps you lose weight, but not for your breath. When the body breaks down fat and protein for energy, a by-product will have to be removed. Can be through feces, sweat, urine, or breath. To get rid of bad breath, often brush your teeth or chew sugar-free mints.

2. Constipation
People with the ketogenic diet often experience constipation. This happens because fiber intake is not enough which causes difficulty defecating. Another reason for digestive problems is the absence of carbohydrates in your diet. Because carbohydrates are converted into glycogen which contains high water content.

3. Fatigue
When the body is in a ketosis condition, the body will experience confusion because there is not enough amount of carbohydrates to be burned as energy. As a result, you will feel very exhausted. Experts say that to feel energetic, you have to reduce it, and not even do heavy activities. However, when the body is used to this condition, the body will start to be active again.

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