Homogeneous Tile Will Replace Tiles

The trend in the use of ceramic floors is predicted that flooring stores in lexington sc will be replaced by homogeneous tiles. High durability and precise shape are the reasons for some consumers to switch.

Homogeneous tiles are in great demand because they have durability and a more precise form than ordinary ceramics. Homogeneous tile is burned in a temperature of 1,200 degrees Celsius with a moisture content of only 0.5% so it is stronger and friction resistant. However, because of the higher price compared to ceramics, homogeneous tiles are only used by middle to upper consumers. However, he added, the ceramic market will also remain alive, but in the lower segment. “Ceramics will be widely used in middle-lower homes. This product will still be used for subsidized houses built by the government,

Ceramics products have recently been chosen because they can make the floor look beautiful. To get satisfactory results, the installation method must also be considered, so that the ceramic is not easily separated and damaged. Soak the ceramic in water, so that the ceramic is more elastic and can be easily attached during installation. Pay attention to the quality of ceramics. When using first class ceramics (premium), it will not be a problem, but if you use ceramic tiles, it will be difficult to do precision when installing. For this reason, the grout (interceramic distance) must be loose, which is 0.2 cm-0.5 cm, so that the ceramic does not collide with each other. Stir and base of the floor to be installed must be clean of gravel, stones, or other obstacles that will make the cavity under the ceramic. Rinse the cement that has been mixed slightly under the ceramic. This will make the bonding of the ceramic to the mixture really sticky.

Digital printing technology now allows printing of ceramic motifs not in flat fields, but can also be printed on fields with uneven surfaces. In addition, the size can also vary.

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