Common mistakes with washing machines and solutions

There are many mistakes that people have done when they’re washing their clothes with a washing machine, which can be very fatal if not stopped. These habits will not only waste your time and energy but also financially harmful if your washing machine is damaged. On the other hand, if you need to wash so many dirty clothes every day for your business, we recommend you to try the lavanderia industrial washing machine instead.

It’s important to know what and how to overcome it so that your washing machine lasts longer:

1. Washing too many clothes at a time

Sometimes, you may so eager to finish washing or rush to do other activities, you tend to be unconscious about putting too many clothes in the washing machine. In fact, the consequences can be fatal.

To overcome this problem, you must be familiar with the capacity of the washing machine used. If your laundry piles up every day, it’s a good idea to choose a washing machine with a large washing capacity.

2. Using too much detergent

Even though it looks like it can make clothes super clean, using too much detergent also has a negative effect on the washing machine. Be sure to always follow the instructions for using detergent on the packaging because the amount of detergent used must be correct. Use doses if necessary. Because if most, besides damaging cloth and clothing, can also reduce the washing machine’s ability to clean clothes.

3. Forget to clean the filter

In order for the washing machine to last longer and the results of washing to be kept clean, clean the filter that is in your washing machine tube at least once every 2 days. This helps keep the tube clean and clothes avoid dirt collected in the filter. It’s important for you to clean it regularly, or the washing machine may get damaged due to its uncleaned filter, and the repair cost may increase significantly.

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