Perfectly engineered body. This gives you a signal when hungry and when tired. You have to pay heed to these signals to improve health and well-being. So, if you feel tired and low, take a break. Take a nap or listen to soothing music. Meditation helps overcome stress and moods that may develop during detoxification. You can also do light exercise. Hot showers can relax too. Soak yourself in a warm tub or let water flow over your body. While in the bathroom, gently rub the skin. The body also removes toxins through the skin. After you recognize the detoxification side effects, now you have no doubt about starting it right? We can massage the parts of the abdomen, folds of the thighs, knees, armpits, neck. The function of massage in that part is to maximize the work of the lymph nodes. As we know from the drug detox center that lymph nodes are useful for filtering foreign substances that enter the body so that the body’s defense cells will increase.

Regular consumption of green tea 2-3 glasses a day is good for removing toxins that nest in the skin. The benefits of green tea can be used as an anti-inflammatory and antidote to free radicals. To remove dead skin cells, dispose of toxins, and facilitate blood circulation, you can use products that have a scrub content (choose good quality) or coffee. Do your own facial using warm water plus citrus flavored oil. Wet the towel and paste it in front, the pores will open. The benefits of facial facials are useful for cleaning facial skin impurities. The benefits of small exercise such as jogging can help reduce the toxins found in the body. When inhaling, oxygen will enter the body, when exhaling the poison also comes out. Limp body, drowsiness, headache, nausea, diarrhea, frequent urination, increased urine, increased sweating, vomiting to pus and itching on the skin are reactions that you will experience while doing the detoxification process.

The detoxification reaction can be overcome by consuming lots of water during the detox process which is up to 3 liters a day. Do not take chemical drugs so that the process of removing toxins from the body can take place properly and optimally. When using chemical drugs will also be given a drug to relieve pain. Long-term use can endanger the body. Herbal medicines do not contain chemicals so they are safe for consumption. Chemical drugs consumed to make the detoxification process not work optimally. Unlike the consumption of herbal medicines that have no side effects on the detox process.

Many drugs are available on the market, such as marijuana, shabu-shabu, ecstasy, and pills. Drug abuse of drug types is very dangerous because it can affect the nervous system, resulting in addiction, and dependence, because it affects the nervous system. Narcotics cause changes in behavior, feelings, perceptions, and awareness. The importance of getting the drug treatment may lead you to know more what’s on The use of drugs in general and also psychotropic substances that are not in accordance with the rules can cause harmful effects on the body. Based on the effects of drug abuse can be divided into 3, namely:

– Depressants, which suppress the central nervous system and reduce the functional activities of the body so that the user feels calm, can even make the user sleep and unconscious. When overdosing can lead to death. Types of drug depressants include opioids and various derivatives such as morphine and heroin.

– Stimulants, stimulates bodily functions and increases excitement and awareness. Types of stimulants: Caffeine, Cocaine, Amphetamine. Examples that are now often used are Shabu Shabu and Ecstasy.

– Hallucinogens, the main effect is to change the power of perception or cause hallucinations. Most hallucinogens come from plants such as cactus mescaline and psilocybin from mushrooms. In addition, there are also mixed in the laboratory. The most widely used are marijuana or marijuana.

If drugs are used continuously or exceed the prescribed dose will cause dependence. This addiction will lead to physical and psychological disorders, due to damage to the central nervous system and organs such as the heart, lungs, liver, and kidneys. The impact of drug abuse on a person depends on the type of drug used, the user’s personality and the user’s situation or condition. In general, the impact of drug addiction can be seen in one’s physical, psychological and social.