1 in 4 adults experience mental health problems

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental (DSM-IV) defines, mental disorders are a set of symptoms or patterns of behavior, or psychological person, which is clinically significant, and which is typically associated with a symptom of suffering (distress) or Hendaye (disability) in one or more important functions of humans. Mental disorders include the burden of disease or diseases that burden the economy of the country, society, and family because the patient’s productivity decreases and ultimately creates a large burden on patients and families. From the ayahuasca retreat point of view, this disruption costs a large number of health services. Lately, have you become lazy to gather with friends? Even though you usually never refuse invitations to watch the ball or hang out with close friends? If you start withdrawing from relationships, you may be depressed.

On weekends after five full days of work, it is most pleasant to “take revenge” when you sleep less with a day of sleep at home. However, if you sleep excessively you do almost every day to more than 16 hours every night, it could be that you are experiencing depression. Yes, when you experience depression, sleep can change. When you are supposed to sleep, you wake up and can’t sleep. Meanwhile, at the time when you are supposed to wake up, you are sleeping excessively. According to the United States National Institute of Mental Health, in addition to excessive sleep, depressive symptoms can also be insomnia or insomnia. So be careful if you experience a different sleeping pattern than usual, especially if you stay for a long time (for example weeks).

But sometimes in men, sadness is often not shown and even seen as anger or irritability. Anger can be in the form of a quarrel with a partner or closest person, which can even lead to physical violence with other people. If you are a man or have a family or friend who has the above signs, beware. It could be that the man has a depressive disorder. The important thing to do is consult the conditions experienced with a psychiatrist.

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